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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Carnivorous Deer & Squirrels?

Well, let's tone that down to "omnivorous".  Here are some reports of deer eating certain meaty bits ...

carcasses []

rabbit ears []

birds []

birds []

birds (video search) [yahoo]

birds and rabbits []

squirrel [youtube]

The strangest possible revenge for this might be a squirrel that eats deer?  Someone actually asked at
Can a squirrel eat a deer?
Which was dignified with this broken answer:  "Not likely, a squirrel has a body shape that is too small and its digestive system couldn't  digest a deer, so practically no." But wait a minute ... this is fun:
youtube video.
Oddly, this same "vampire squirrel" is also mentioned in Science magazine (June 2014) for being so darn fluffy.  Too cute.  I suppose, when finished, all that's left are the antlers.

Just google "carnivorous squirrel" for all kinds of reports and videos.  It's no surprise that squirrels will eat insects, and it's not unusual for them to eat young birds and other tiny animals.  But what if the fluffy little rats work their way up the food chain?  Over on, there was this deep inquiry: "What would you do if I was being attacked and eaten by carnivorous squirrels?" to which my favorite answer was, "Join them in their feast."

For fun, I will leave you with this piece from Scary Squirrel World.  Which is an overall fun site, full of silly bits and games.

Disclaimer: no, this is not a serious research article, I just like to follow wacky threads and see where they lead.

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