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Friday, June 4, 2010

No paramedics ... or not

It's a bit disorienting when the Unlikely strikes close to home.

We had an odd episode last night (March 2010). Lifeline called us to let us know our elderly neighbor had fallen down, and we needed to go check on her. She was fine, and we got her back in bed. They called again to see how she was. We said she was fine, and no services were needed. Last time, the paramedics came out and there was a big argument when they tried to drag her to the hospital in the middle of the night -- I know they mean well, and that time she had a small bump on her head and we wanted to be sure she was okay. But this time, no. No medical help was needed. Lifeline said they were glad to hear she was okay, and no paramedics would be sent.

So we went back home, glad it wasn't something serious.

Barely ten minutes later we heard a fire truck rumbling up the street. Through the door, there it was, headed for the old neighbor's house. And we heard the ambulance right behind. Jeez. This was going to be fun. They were going to need us to let them in the house so they could scare the crap of our neighbor and get another big argument going. But wait ... they stopped two houses further down, where we knew there was another old lady we'd never actually met.

We were all ready to run out there and try to be helpful or annoyed (hard to tell which), but we would have looked like crazy people, because it was a completely unrelated call for help.

It's not like we get ambulances on our block all the time. Maybe once a month someone within a 20-house radius needs help. But here it was, twice in the same half hour, two houses apart. Unlikely times.